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South African Music
Traditional Music
Popular Music

Welcome Splash

     South Africa is a very diverse and interesting country. It is made up of different kinds of people and different cultures; it really is a kind of 'melting-pot.' In many aspects does this diversity manifest itself. In the musical aspect, South Africa evolved with the rest of the world, but when the music arrived there it underwent a transformation into a completely new thing because of the African influences it encountered. The African traditions are so strong in this country that they affect everything, and they have not been lost with time, as traditions have in other countries. Modern music of today is very much still holding on to the South African traditions.


     On this webpage we will talk about various aspects of the South African culture, but the central focus will be on the arts; in specific, music. We will talk about:
1. Traditional music: What does it sound like?
2. Popular music: Everyone knows what music is popular here in Canada.     
    What is popular in South Africa?
3. Instruments: What are the instruments commonly used in South Africa?    
    What instruments do they use that aren't often seen in Canada?
4. Architecture: What do buildings look like in South Africa, and how do they  
   differ from the Canadian style?
5. Art: What types of art are found in South Africa?
6. Culture: What is the culture like in South Africa? What kinds of traditions do they have?  

Music of the World- Grade 10 Band project