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The architecture of South Africa is not too different and eclectic, but it has its share of marvels. But you will not find those marvels here. This page contains the buildings that are 'boring', the buildings that are 'normal', the buildings that a native would see everyday and not the tourist attractions. Just like most countries, there are cities and towns and villages in South Africa. Here there are three pictures, one is of a section in a city, one in a town and the last in a village. It is very visible the differences between them, and one can also see certain differences between these buildings and the buildings of first-world countries.

The Bo Kaap Malay quarter of Cape Town, Western Cape
The Bo Kaap Malay quarter of Cape Town, Western Cape
This first picture is taken from a part of Cape Town, one of the major cities in South Africa. Africa, the entire continent, has the opportunity to house many different cultures and ethnicities, because it is in the middle of everything. Mostly the descendants of Indonesians, Malaysians, Indians and Sri Lankans people the 'Bo Kaap'; or 'Cape Malay' quarter of Cape Town. There influence has made this section of the city what it is today. Most of these people are of a Muslim background and have held on to their cultural identity. The streets are quite narrow and steep and there are plain artisan houses that have been restored and repainted in bright colours. The architectural style is a mixture of Cape Dutch and Edwardian. This section of the town reflects a type of neighbourhood that can be found in many cities, that we are lucky to have. It is an ethnic community that continues with its traditions honours them. The houses are not too much different from what one could find in certain sections of most countries. They are plain artisan houses, but they are made noteworthy by their colour, their history and the culture of their inhabitants.
The NG Klipkerk or stone church in Heidelberg, Gauteng
The NG Klipkerk or stone church in Heidelberg, Gauteng.
This is a stone church that is found in Heidelberg, Gauteng. This town is found next to the highway that connects Johannesburg and Durban. It was once a trading post and then a town was built around it. There are towns just like this one all over the world. It is not a large city, or even a dot on a map. This is a town with it’s own historical marks and its own prominent history. This church showcases architecture is that it is an old piece of history and it is not so different from the rest of the world. Someone would not look at this church and automatically assume that it’s ‘African’. The Europeans and especially the Dutch and British have had a large effect on South Africa as a country and it is obvious here when we see this piece of architecture. We can see how their influences shaped this building and probably many others.
A Zulu hut
This is the only picture showcased that one would not find all over the world. This is a Zulu hut that is found in a small village, even just a community, somewhere in South Africa. This hut is probably one of a few that are shaped in a circle. The people who lived in these huts would be under the leadership and guide of a chief. There are probably not too many Zulu huts, in places other than Africa, and there can’t be too many left there either. South Africa is expanding and even though if one visited, they would probably see one of these at least once, it wouldn’t be an everyday thing. The Zulu huts were usually made using traditional materials, such as common thatch grass, black wattle, Natal fig, bark for tying things together and rock alder for a centre support. These huts are not to the typical residence for most South Africans, but it is the most traditional. These are a couple of examples of architecture in South Africa. As one can tell, at least for the Zulu huts, some South Africans do not live in the same way that we do, there actually are some people who are living in these huts. But one can also see that conditions in the cities are very similar to what one can find all over the world. One thing that is obvious with all these things is that South Africa is a beautiful place that is not so different from the rest of the world.

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