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South African Music
Traditional Music
Popular Music


Musical bow
     The musical bow is made from a string, usually made from a piece of stiff grass, attached to a gourd shaped stick. The musical bow is played by striking it with a stick. The resonater is held along the body, and changes in its position change the pitch. This simple instrument produces a low humming soud. This traditional instrument is rarely played anymore.
Mouth harp
     A mouth harp is made of a small metal frame with a flexible metal tongue. The frame is held between the teeth and the metal tongue is plucked with the fingers. The harp can only produce one tone, but this tone can be altered by changing the shape of the mouth. This instrument is also known as a Jew's harp.

     The ramkie is a South African guitar with four strings made out of thin wire. The strings run parallel to its wooden neck. The resonator is made of a brightly painted tin box. This is a common instrument in South Africa.
 Ramkie (South Africa)
Ngoma is the general name for a drum in South Africa, but the South African drums are typically different from Western drums. Their drums are generally conical or cylindrical, and are normally long and skinny. These drums are often used as dance instruments, but are also linked to royal or magical powers. They can be played as an individual instrument, or as an ensemble. 


Penny Whistle
     The penny whistle is a known instrument in the Western world, but it is far more common in South Africa. The penny whistle is used in kwela music, which is South Africa's version of jazz.


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